What are the advantages of using corporate training companies?

You may be wondering whether to deliver your employee training in-house, or to use a specialist corporate training company. Here we look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.

The cost of using corporate training companies

When budgets are tight, you may be concerned about the cost of outsourcing. First things first, get a detailed quote. Find out if this quote includes training materials, post-course assessments, multiple sessions, on-site attendance and any other equipment that may be needed. Then consider the time and resources you’ll need to provide the same level of training yourself.

It may be that outsourcing your training requires a bigger initial cost outlay than keeping it in-house. If this is the case, the next step is to weigh up the wider pros and cons of using a corporate training company.

Insider knowledge versus specialist training expertise

There’s no doubt that someone who works within your organisation will have knowledge that no external agency will have. And your employees know them, which could make for a more familiar and relaxed atmosphere. But this must be weighed against the fact that a corporate training company will be equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge. They’ll also be accustomed to working with groups of various sizes and experience levels.

If you have internal experts who are highly specialised in their field, and the course content has company-specific elements, you may well benefit from keeping the training in-house. But also consider whether your experts are experienced in delivering training, as this too is a very specific skill.

Accountability and quality control

When using a corporate training company, be clear on your expectations from the outset. The agency will confirm whether they can meet these expectations and if so, you have a clear line of accountability.

Accountability becomes slightly trickier when it comes to using in-house trainers. If the trainer is going over and above their usual responsibilities in order to teach others, it may be tempting to lower your expectations. Explain to them how you will measure the success of the project, and outline how their efforts will be recognised.

Quality control is paramount when it comes to employee training. One small piece of misinformation or bad practice can proliferate and cause big problems down the line. This risk can be reduced by training your trainers. Sending one employee on a course, even if it’s just a refresher, will ensure that their knowledge is bang up to date when they train others.

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Finding a corporate training company

Some training providers will cover a broad range of topics, while others are limited to one or two. There’s no reason why a diverse portfolio should mean a less specialised approach, as each facilitator will be an expert in their own field.

The benefit of using a provider with a broad range of courses is that they can serve as a one-stop shop for multiple training needs. And you don’t necessarily have to buy an off-the-shelf solution. Many providers will be able to design tailored courses to meet your requirements.

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