Why Training Your Staff Could Increase Retention and Engagement

We all want our businesses to be the very best; efficient, thriving and profitable. But when you’re concerned about your staff’s engagement at work, or cautious about your staff retention rate, consider training and development to ensure you not only have a business that has a strong turnover, but that you also have a happy and proactive workforce.

Here’s five reasons why training your staff could increase retention rates and improve employee engagement:

  1. It’s shows your commitment to your staff.

Your staff show you commitment every day – they’re in the office during working hours and they are consistently working to help you achieve your targets. By proactively offering your staff training and development opportunities, it shows that you are similarly committed to them. Offering your staff key courses for their role – perhaps enrolling them on health and safety training courses, clinical courses or improving their interview techniques with a course on Investigative Interviewing – your staff will be aware of your commitment to maintaining and developing your workforce.  

  1. It increases your trustworthiness

You wouldn’t want to work at a place where your health and safety wasn’t taken seriously, right? By enrolling members of your team on to vital, and sometimes mandatory, health and safety training courses, it confirms that you can be trusted to take care of your workforce, as well as showing you fully support their training and development.  

  1. It removes dreaded ‘Knowledge Gaps’

We’ve all been there – we start at a new company in a new role. Over time, our daily tasks change dramatically. Sometimes, this can happen naturally with the improvement of an employee’s skill set, but often team members are left thinking they’re swimming in the deep end, worried about any knowledge gaps they may have with their new responsibilities.

By training and developing your staff, you can remove these gaps in knowledge, as well as increasing the engagement and skills of your current workforce, saving your employees time and you money.

  1. Future-proof your team

The only thing that you can rely on is change. The world of business, whichever field you inhabit, is constantly evolving. Your team should evolve with it. If they’re struggling with new technologies or practices, offer them training and development and watch them thrive.

  1. Attract new talent

A happy workforce means higher engagement, and that should have a positive impact on sales. With numbers booming, you may be looking to expand your team with new talent and if you can showcase your ability to train you staff and assist with their development, not only will you look like an exciting option for new recruits, but they are likely to stay committed to you if they believe their career and development is a priority within your business.

Knights is a national provider of instructor-led, in-house staff training so you can train and develop your workforce. We offer an extensive range of courses across all sectors, all of which can be tailored to your requirements.

We offer one off courses through to complete learning programmes, bespoke delivery methods, complete training needs analysis, outsourced learning and development management, coordination and administration. All delivered with exceptional customer service. For further information, call Knights Agency on 0207 112 8412, or fill in a contact form and their friendly team will be in touch with you.


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