Five courses that could improve workplace safety in your business

Many industries have their own set of recommended employee training courses. But there are some courses that could benefit almost every business when it comes to workplace safety. Here at Knight’s Agency, we specialise in helping organisations develop training programmes for the safe and smooth running of their businesses. So we’ve put together our top five recommended courses to help you protect your workers’ wellbeing.

First aid training

It may sound like an obvious one, but many organisations find it difficult to determine what level of first aid training is required for their business. The law can be a little foggy at times, but as a rule of thumb, if you have more than 25 employees, you should have at least one first aider. If you have fewer than 25 employees, you’ll still need to appoint someone to manage the first aid kit and provide basic assistance. For more information, read our article ‘Frequently asked questions about workplace first aid training’.

Fire marshal training

All new employees should be trained in what to do during an evacuation, including the location of fire exits. You should carry out at least one fire drill per year. Your fire risk assessment should also help you determine what level of training to offer.

It pays to be cautious, and appointing and training a fire marshal could save lives. Their role is not only to assist in the event of a fire, but to take proactive steps to reduce risk. This includes ensuring your fire exits are kept clear, checking your smoking areas for potential hazards and making sure flammable materials are being kept away from sources of heat.

Equality and diversity training

While most workplaces take steps to protect the physical safety of their employees, the risks faced by minority groups or vulnerable workers is sometimes overlooked. Failing to protect employees from discrimination, harassment and disadvantage can have serious legal consequences for a business, and life-altering consequences for those affected.

Awareness of equality and diversity issues could also help protect your clients and customers from discrimination. Earlier this year, coffee chain Starbucks implemented a US-wide anti-bias training initiative. The programme was prompted by an incident in which an employee accused two African-American customers of trespassing while they waited for a business colleague to join them.

Incidents like these are somewhat extreme, but equality and diversity issues can be complex and nuanced, so training for all is an excellent proactive step.

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Whistleblowing training

Dangerous, unethical or risky practices could cost your business dearly and put your employees at risk. When faced with disclosure of such a practices, would your management team know what to do? Would your employees feel protected when reporting safety or protocol breaches? Would they know what constitutes a breach, and who to go to?

If the answer to any of these is no, then your organisation might benefit from whistleblowing training. This will give your employees a firm grasp the relevant legislation and best practices, as well as a deeper understanding of any company-specific policies, risks and procedures.

Bullying and harassment training

 A 2015 report by the TUC found that one third of UK workers have felt bullied at some time in their career. 36% of these people have left a job because of it. The majority of workers who report being bullied cite their manager as the person responsible. Therefore, training your managers to be more aware of their own behaviour – and vigilant to the behaviour of their team members – could reduce the risk significantly.

You may also want to consider courses such as conflict resolution, constructive conversations, effective communication and emotional intelligence for managers and employees alike. This will contribute to a culture of good communication, which could benefit both your workforce and your customers.

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