Finding A Training Development Provider That’s Perfect For Your Company

You’ve decided to invest in your staff and provide training development for your workforce – excellent news! But with a wide range of courses and training development providers to choose from, how do you find the perfect fit?

1) Find a provider of your chosen course.

Whether you’re looking to improve your employee’s computer skills, or you’d like to train your staff in something bespoke to your industry, such as clinical fields, once you’ve decided what training you require, the next step is finding a training development provider that can help around your local area.

As your staff will already be spending vital time out of the office during training, it’s always useful to have the ability to provide training development within the local area, or actually at your offices. Here at Knight’s Agency, we offer a wide range of courses that can be tailored to suit your requirements, with trainers who are available nationwide.

2) Simply put – the training must do what you need it to do.

Training development providers offer a wealth of courses – but it can make looking for the perfect course a confusing task. For instance, if you’d like to train your staff in Fire Safety, the amount of courses on the market can seem like a minefield. Do you need the course ‘Fire Safety for Managers’, or ‘Fire Marshal with and without Extinguishers’, or something entirely different?

That’s where your training provider will be able to help. At Knight’s Agency, we’ll offer you a no obligation consultation to find out where your workforce require training development and what skills or knowledge gaps need filling. We’ll then suggest the training we think you’ll benefit from, whether that be a course listed on our website or a bespoke solution, using our expert knowledge and skilled trainers.

training development

3) Find a training provider with a tailor-made approach.

Once you’ve found the course you require, Knights Agency can suggest tweaks and alterations, or even entirely new modules, so that you get the exact training development that your business needs. If the course that you require is not on the list found on our website then we will build you a bespoke session at no extra cost.

4) Be sure to ask for clear and transparent costings.

Training with an external provider is an investment in your business and team. Talk to our customer service team about our clear pricing structure, based on a daily rate, so there are no surprises.

5) Your training provider should put you first.

Every business is different and your perfect training provider should be able to provide you with not only the training you expect, but the service you deserve. Here at Knight’s, our clients are at the forefront of everything we do. Our team work tirelessly to find a training approach that’s the right fit.

Here at Knight’s Agency, we take pride in offering bespoke training services for a variety of clients. If you’d like to hear more about our range of services, please contact us using the form provided here, or call 0207 112 8412 or email the team and we’ll respond promptly.


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